Who we are

African Women Entrepreneurship Program

The African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), launched by the U.S. Department of State in July 2010, assists women entrepreneurs across sub-Saharan Africa.

These small and medium business owners are transforming their societies through economic development and social advocacy in their communities. AWEP alumni have created more than 17,000 jobs and established 22 women's business associations across Sub-Saharan Africa that are transforming societies and spurring economic growth.


What we do

Produce, transform, and export

Approximately 30 African women entrepreneurs arrive in the United States each year to attend professional development meetings and network with U.S. policy makers, companies, industry associations, nonprofit groups, and multilateral development organizations.

The three-week program allows the AWEP participants to share best practices, discuss common challenges and learn about the global economy and factors that lead to long-term business growth.

This year and for the first time since its creation AWEP women will be gathered in NYC for a 4 day program and will be celebrating their 10 year Anniversary with a special Gala dinner.