Giama (Globa International African Market of America)

Is a Body with support program for African women traders and business owners, especially women benefiting from the AWEP (African Women Entrepreneurship Program), who wish to sell their products and services on the American Market.
The program brings together the chapters (Also Known As Countries) of AWEP from the 13 countries of West Africa and expected to expand into the 44 African countries that are members of AWEP. We work with international NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) , chambers of commerce and associations that defend women's rights.
In keeping with the spirit of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), GIAMA works with women business owners who are members of the AGOA Program to facilitate sales of their products and services that are exported to the American
market. Our program facilitates access to consumers, investors, business leaders already established on the American continent, international traders who work in different commercial activities in Africa and in the World.

Our program has:
1. Commercial spaces that serve as a place of permanent exposure of African products and services

2. An economic empowerment for the African Women

3.Planed of open air mini markets through the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

4. Economic forums, Workshops and training sessions to support different commercial programs

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Membership of the AWEP network, GIAMA, Associations of women producers and traders of Africa.